You want to contact Observer Zero?

Perhaps you are thrilled by his photography and wish to send adoring fan mail. Perhaps you’ve spent years wallowing in self-abusement, nurturing your angst ridden, gloomy self-loathing and villainous sociecidal rage—and you want someone, or something, upon which you can vent your seething self torment… or maybe you’re just stalking him (stalkers ARE welcome here).

More likely you’re just his neglected and apprehensive mother (I love you Mom), struggling with guilt issues that need voice.

Or then again you could very well be someone else, someone who knows him personally but has fallen out of contact (meaning you want Karlis Lejnieks—and that’s the copywriter & graphic designer, not the tennis player)… or I suppose it could be someone else you seek, whom you and he know mutually.

Or Nigerian banker? Or collection agent? Pornographer maybe?

Or God forbid, you may want this rambling fool for a copywriting job.

It matters not.

Whatever your vile ends may be, this right here is where you can kick it all off.

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