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Canon PowerShot Time Machine

Earlier in the blog I confessed that my first camera was the classic Nikon F1. She was awesome, yet I grieve, for she met cold watery death on the bottom of a raging whitewater river while rafting—rafting upside down it so happened.

My ex-girlfriend, who also flew into the drink that day, she survived. I remember panic, scrambling to find her under the overturned raft… my girlfriend not my Nikon—no… poor Nikon was left to slowly die, dragging along the bottom of the raging river inside a leaking dry bag.

Oh! The horror. Hindsight is 20/20 as they say.

But ok, really… I’ve gotta be honest, all jests aside—and forgive a brief rant: The nuisance and delay involved in going from a shot on physical film to getting a print always frustrated me—and then there was the complete bullshit of sticking with a single ISO through a whole roll. I mean changing film for any reason sucks if you think about it from the perspective of a guy with a 16GB memory card. And as it is a photographer slips away enough time standing around and just looking, who needs a nuisance multiplier like film and physical photo processing?

Ok, sure, some keep the faith. Some refuse to be dragged into the war on digital noise. And so I tip my hat to those of you still buying rolls of film and processing your shots… and spending a bloody week before you can actually look at your captures….

Anyway, digital called. I answered. And in 2003, the early days of my China teaching gig, I blew two month’s (pathetic) wages on a Canon PowerShot A300. Everything was so easy. Getting into DSLR was, I knew, inevitable.

So above, from out of the time machine, we have a shot taken on my baby crappy Canon when it was almost new, exactly 7 years ago from the date of this post, just before my daughter was born. This is one of my mother-in-law’s flowers at the farm in Santiago City, Isabela. She’s awesome with flowers.

Baby Crappy Canon, God rest him, is also dead. Got bamm-bammed by my daughter when she was 2.

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