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Ganges Fall Fair

I was repatriated to Canada almost a month ago and after nearly a decade in China I’d be terribly remiss to not update. So…

Salt Spring Island is home: EV and I are living just north of Ganges. I reckon in its naming the town was supposed to evoke spiritual thoughts on the famous Indian river and the origin of life… the now tragically polluted origin of life… but ahhh… I think of Ganja. (Edit: DOH! Turns out the town is named after the very last sailing ship of Her Majesty’s Navy.)

Anyway… upon arriving home from school, all week long, EV poured daily updates about the upcoming Fall Fair into my ears as her grade 1 class prepared two exhibits: a lego diorama and a scarecrow family. So with grandparents in tow (or the other way round) we cruised the fairgrounds for EV’s creations, some hot dogs, a few rides, and the usual country fair animals.

EV’s class won blue ribbons on their dioramas and scarecrows. Classmates were encountered. Innocent pride, unrestrained glee, noble looking roosters, gargantuan horses, french fries, face painting, 450 lb pumpkins, balloons, giant slides, arts, crafts, goat turds, and more… The country fair scene.

And above: screaming fear of death. The ‘psycho-swing’. ‘Psycho’ because of the operator (mad) sprays the kids with water (and cackling he testifies to have drawn it from his toilet).


  1. Real fun :)


  3. EV’s hair is longer and she is beautiful! wish you happy with your little baby in your new life there!

  4. I told her you called her a baby and she’s very upset with you… hehe.

  5. Anonymous

    ohh, i get it. EV has become big girl. do not want to be called baby~~ haha

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