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This photo is coming up a wee bit late: it’s from April 2011, my birthday in Boracay.

Wife Elf is taking a picture. Daugher EV posing in her yellow bikini. This at a private beach on the island Boracay in the Philippines. Not bad. Not bad at all. Thank you Elf!

For anyone that’s interested the resort was the Lingganay Hotel Resort. The website has loud obnoxious music, though, so mute for volume before you hit the link. The rooms, hell the whole place is fantastic and reasonable and the private beach, while it may be small, is the coolest little tropical hollow I’ve ever seen, with plenty of shade from towering volcanic rocks (pictured).

The place is run by a churlish chain-smoking German guy. Kudos to him for the awesome place. Rooms are spacious and the kitchen was great.

And if you’re going to use the kitchen in your room make sure you leave time to cruise into town and get some food at the market after you arrive—there’s awesome seafood to be had, fresh flopping fishies, usually rolling in around 3 pm daily. Lingganay has a restaurant too but I didn’t go anywhere near it on account of the food allergies.

And the market….. As a testament to the rise of modern China there are three languages dominating the fish market in Boracay: Tagalog, English, and Mandarin. ‘Twas a riot for me as a Mandarin speaker and former expat in China to turn the tables on the Chinese tourists. After 9 years of them listening in to my English conversations in China now I finally got to listen in on them… and all the easier because unlike English speakers abroad, the Chinese tend to be unguarded, reasonably assuming that neither whitey nor the islanders speak Chinese beyond an awkward ni hao and a few nouns.

So I had my fun shouting “laowai” their way and poked them with uncomfortable jokes about local attitudes toward Chinese. Nothing I didn’t put up with in China.


  1. There you go, Mervyn. Private, empty tropical beach. Not found in China.

  2. cool, beatiful~~ may be i can go to Philippines to have a very wonderful holiday~ i wish to go to that beach(i really can not spell this well,man, do not let me speak this word)
    last word, this place is fucking cool~~

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