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Someone’s Kid

When you go to China it’s fun to take pictures of the people who stare at you.


  1. Tsao

    Ok, look this, i pick some themes for your future shootings: kids, dogs, train, women, donkey, mountains, waterfall, fog, sky, old people, or crop circles (if you are lucky), flowers, cups, leaves, a large crowd of people (since you are in China, if you don’t shoot this you are a failure), plastic bags, and construction site workers, look forward to it, master!

  2. I appreciate this photograph because it makes me ask the question “what this child thinking about?” There is an intensity and focus to the child that suggests thoughtfulness about the world around him and yet in the photo he is alone. “There is something out there.”

  3. This entire site is awesome. After I digest everything I’ll have a lot to say.

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  9. I cannot currently put my finger on it, but when an ideology or way of thinking upholds Russia to be an exemplar of social, cultural, political, or moral virtue, something's terribly wrong with the ideology.

  10. Hi Don!I’m still enjoying Bootleg Betty! What has been going on with you? We’ve lost touch. Please know I think of you often and have been sending you so much positive energy.Nora aka OlRedHair

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