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Rain Trees

The rain trees at Clark Airfield are a gorgeous, towering canopy of knotty, twisting pillars (yah I know… I’m tossing hard with the adjectives there).

Really they’re huge, and booting around Pampanga province it looked like all the largest trees were there on the Clark base (it occurs to me now that it could have been the cropped grass and landscaping making them look big).

So anyway, a lot of these beauties must be centuries old or older judging by their girth, because trees are old things.. ummm… right? But what do I know about trees…. More on my mind, from looking at them, was how many catastrophes these trees have lived through: Spanish conquest, volcanoes, earthquakes, WW2, drought, deluge…. Really, the ages don’t pass meekly in the Philippine archipelago.

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