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This shot is taken in Mabini Barangay in Santiago City, Isabela, The Philippines—that’s the hometown of Elf and the birthplace of EV (my wife and daughter by nicknames, in case you don’t know me personally).

The cute little corner store is manned by a small tastefully clothed canine named Raimundo, which as he tells me means “King of the World” in Spanish. Whatever, dog dude.

I’ve got to say though, as a guy in marketing, that he’s blessed with a gift for color harmony and he has some serious acumen in point of sale product display.

He wasn’t shy about getting his picture taken either, crowding up on the counter for attention, with his tiny sweating dog junk resting right there on the counter where you grab your snacks.

Okay, I’m shitting you about the talking dog. But it really was taken in Mabini near Elf’s parents house.

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