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Liu Gong HDR 2

Taking pictures in howling ice cold wind doesn’t have much to recommend itself. I mean really, you’ve got to be seriously sturdy to get into winter photography—or have no nerve endings in your finger tips.

This is my second go at a Liu Gong Island HDR composite—HDR or high dynamic range (exposure) is why it has that weird, trippy, baby-bear’s-just-right-LSD look to it. And to be REALLY correct this is JUST a shot of guy’s back yard… not an island… just a yard, backed by a trippy sunrise. Maybe I should call it “Some dude’s back yard”. Liu Gong Island itself amounts to almost nothing in the composition, being the last land mass in the shot as you trip off toward the horizon.

At little more detail on the subject is interesting: the scene here is what’s left of Wangjia Village in Weihai, China. By “what’s left of” I mean that it’s not really a village anymore. When I first came to Weihai in 2002 I used to ride through the village every day while doing my circuit around the peninsula, and the scene was nothing but trees and fisherman’s bungalows. Starting in 2005 it was razed and a assembly line of cranes (which you can see along the waterfront) is now transforming it into trendy seaside condos for the big cityfolk.

You can see a little more of the modernization of Weihai by clicking this sentence.

That’s China.


  1. Good photograph, Karlis, i am your biggest fan, impressed by the perfect angle, the sun looks like a big UFO

  2. This is another favorite of mine. It has an etherial, other worldly, quality to it. One wonders if there are any people left in this world or is everyone simply asleep? I appreciate photographs that engage not only my visual senses but also engage the intellect, a photograph that is telling us something even if we do not always agree as to what that is.

  3. They’re all inside freezing their arses off.

  4. Eveline

    This photo of the reflection of the sun took my breath away
    That is a remarkable!
    And I do understand the price paid for great photos, cold,sometimes no-see-ums and mosquitoes nibbled on my ears but nothing beats the peacefulness of rising early!
    Thanks for sharing this with us

  5. Gulshan

    Great photos. I love all them especially the Liu Gong HDR 2. Great website.
    With love,

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