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Light Post

I browsed past this light stand in my photo archive while sitting here thinking “I need something pink”.

So, necessity being the crack mother of invention, I made something pink. I did it, and I’ve gotta say I like it. It’s fun taking a boring shot of lights and diddling it in Photoshop until it looks pink and cool. The processing, which is pretty basic levels, hue, and saturation play, was done with my daughter (who loves pink) standing by and egging me on. Bossy kid.

And as usual there’s a backstory to this shot: I was in Beijing at the Olympic grounds; and everyone was standing around taking pictures of friends and family with the famous Bird’s Nest and Water Cube in the background; but me, I was shooting light posts and fences while my wife was scolding me to take more pictures of my family… and so it goes.

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