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This is Kelly. She cries a lot.

Kelly is one of my daughter’s classmates from the “Kid Dear” Kindergarten (of Weihai, China… and man do I love that name).

On Christmas Eve the school rented out a convention hall and the students put on plays and performances to joyfully, lovingly and innocently celebrate a holiday they know absolute zip about. Oh how they loved their “Santa” who couldn’t have weighed more than 150 lbs even if his pockets were full of gold bricks.

And China’s one child policy means that the ratio of parents (and uncles and aunts and grandparents) to kids was freakishly high in comparison to a similar occasion in the the west, and so we had about enough attendants to pack the main hall of Grand Central Station.

Kitschy. Surreal. China. The kids loved it.

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