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Blue Boats

I get up before sunrise and cycle for an hour to keep myself from getting frail, cranky, and overweight, and I got into the habit of bringing my camera—which turned out to be a really good thing.

Judging by the brilliant blue, it seems that I arrived shortly after old-boat-painting-day for someone at the fisherman’s jetty in Wangjia village.

As it turns out, blue is the requisite color for all fishing boats in the area. Every boat here is blue until salt, sunshine and age bleaches, peels, and strips it down to the wood again. Then one day, after the ‘big haul’ comes in, the sea ravaged boat becomes blue again and the cycle is complete.

I once asked a one thousand year old fisherman about this (there are a lot of them), and he came back at me with a long inbvolved tale in heavy local dialect—and as good as my Chinese may be, I haven’t a clue what he said past the first three words. Still, I nodded all the way through.

And lastly, there’s this pearl of wisdom: after getting the shot I almost fell off the edge (10 feet down) into the water. So be careful when you’re on a pier, shuffling around in the fog and looking through a viewfinder.


  1. Sheila

    This is my favorite. Everything works together to capture a mood of pensive elegance. Makes me feel serene every time I look at it.

  2. Will you sail your deep blue boat
    o’er the deep blue sea?
    To brave the waves so steep and grey
    and sleep in abyss so dark.

  3. Glug, glug.

  4. My dear Karlis , i admire your passion for photography and life in weihai were we both live. This photo looks like the fishing boat wharf just down the road on haibin lu not far from my house. I will be left to witness such scenes as you my dear friend are leaving weihai for the new life back in vancouver, canada. I will miss you brother. Thank you so much in volunteering your time to put together my website. Your expertise in constructing websites and visionary approach to web creation will certainly catapult you to the top of your profession! Good luck and smooth sailing on the winds of life and love! Yilushunfeng! Hariom Tatsat! devananda

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