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Dried Flowers

I’d just spent the afternoon in a tourist trap at some kind of overlook in Baguio with a spectacular photo-op vista.

And like everyone else I’d thrown around our dirty tourist money taking pictures of the troop in gaudy ethnic costumes, posed on died pink ponies, and chumming up with dogs wearing sunglasses—you know, really classy stuff.

I got a nominal buzz: the view was interesting, the trinkets amusing, the pink ponies and Ray-Banned St. Bernhards titillating.

But these flowers, now they were totally frickin’ smashing.

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  1. Aphrile

    Hi I am starting to get interested with flowers and im wandering if you could help me out knowing what types of flowers are in there in your place. Are you from baguio? I was told that penagbenga is coming up and maybe its not a good time to check out the flowers itself coz they might not allow you to be near the float itself but hey if you have notes of advice which one is the most fragrant of all? My name is aphrile and you could text me at this number 1-647-580-3985 or email please.

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