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This is my daughter (on the right) who had just turned 5 at the time of this shot, swimming with her cousin Nicole (on the left).

My wife and I stayed in the Makati Peninsula hotel in Manila for a few weeks in February. We’d never really had a honeymoon due to the blitzkrieg of lifestyle change and sudden amplitude of responsibility that follow pre-wedlock pregnancies. For almost a month it truly was the good life, but crap I spent a lot of money. Still it was worth it. And Makati Penn is one of the best hotels in the Philippines if not the world I and swear it and they do it for a really humane price.

Nicole came with Fel’s parents and they all spent a few days with us at the hotel, and little girls being little girls they practically lived in the swimming pool. We had to pull them out to keep them from growing scales and gills.


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  7. Chris,I thought my travel expense or getting myself down to Altanta would be costly. I have nothing to complain about, and really wish I could make it to wordcamp or even a meetup! Just wondering John how did you run your Tent Blogger Meet up? Thanks,Eric

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