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Clark Field

I void warranties.

The instructions for my camera warn me not to point my camera directly at the sun, but I just can’t stop myself from doing it. I am obsessed, totally obsessed to the point of sleep deprivation sometimes… no really… I just can’t stop taking pictures of the sun going up and coming down….

So there I was in Clark Field. I had no tripod and I wanted to do some exposure bracketing for an HDR composite, which means the camera wasn’t allowed to so much as tremble while it took three exposures in a quarter second. Necessity, mothers, invention: I balanced my kit on a half drained six pack (we had just passed the 7-eleven… in fact my daughter was nursing her first ever Slurpee, which they didn’t have where she grew up in China). Of course in the end I never used the HDR composite. The single exposure above looked way cooler.

That’s Mount Pinatubo on the westernish horizon (I think) from Clark Field in the Phillipines (that part I am sure of). Clark is an old US Air Force base north of Manila that was fragged by the Pinatubo eruption in 1991, now purged of American soldiers and refilled with Asian businessmen. But Clark is still a breathtaking irregularity amongst the characteristic chaos of the Philippines: with tidy, wide, small-town-US streets (begging for a Norman Rockwell scene) and a quiet, restrained urban ambiance.

And just like its old American days, Clark still has lots of bars with hookers just off base, just that now they cater to Korean suits instead of US airmen.

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