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Baguio Big Wheel

Picture taken in Burnham park, Baguio.

Funny thing about the park’s name “Burnham”, aside from it reminds me of the woods that come to Dunsinane in Shakespeare’s Macbeth: the park is named for the American landscape architect who designed the park. A square lake. Straight roads. I wouldn’t want to be the eponymous architect.

Anyway, seeing these trikes brought back memories of my plastic ‘Big Wheel’ just as it would with any Gen-X childhood. Like almost every boy of my era I rode the Big Wheel until friction ground it down to flimsy, scarred and pebble studded dayglo skeleton.

Big Wheel, I love you, rest in peace.

Now growing up in China EV naturally missed the joy of the Big Wheel, if in fact they even still exist; but she’s not missing a thing now that she’s been on the child’s equivallent of a classic Cadillac low rider convertible with leather upholstery and fuzzy dice.

I shiver at the terror and injuries that would have been wrought if we’d had one of these in the old neighborhood.

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