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Wangjia Village

This B&W HDR shot was taken from my office in the Follea building in December of 2009.

(Edit: Today the original factory is gone, it burned down on January 14, 2011—taking lots of my stuff with it—but I sure enjoyed the view while it lasted and shall ever fondly remember my Follea servitude.)

From my office window (and I’m shooting straight out the window here) I could look across the water past Liu Gong Island and on a good day I could see the wind farms on the Shandong peninsula, just out there where the rays of sunshine are sweeping across the water.

Still farther out over the curve of the horizon somewhere left of center would be North and South Korea—luckily far enough away that a nuclear exchange wouldn’t have burned out my retinas had Kim Jong Il blown the proverbial gasket, a thought that often crossed my mind as I read the morning news and looked out the window during my Follea gig.

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