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Blah blah debut post blah blah WordPress blah blah blogging.

I’m going to be working on this thing for a while, so by the time anyone reads this hopefully all kinds of other stuff will have piled up on this post.

Credit for this outrageous autoencomium (that nobody will read) goes to my wonderful family; to my daughter who lets me take lots of pictures of her and calmly but not so patiently waits for me, flicking rocks, while I shoot inanimate objects from bizarre angles; to my wife who also tolerates me although less so, and also she who keeps me from wasting away while I sit in front of the computer Photoshopping, programming and writing; to my parents: mom made me write, and dad kicked my ass and motivated me; and also to my uncle Carl for putting a Nikon F1 into my hand in 1982, teaching me how exposure worked, and more importantly for showing me how to make yourself two hours late by shooting a hunk of wood in a farmer’s field.

By the way, Carl, I sure trashed that camera while white water rafting in the 90s, but the lessons stuck, and even though I spent another 19 years without a camera. In my mind the shutter was always clicking.

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